Ceramic Masking Paint

Weld with precision you never thought possible !
Define shapes and dimensions-“Tig Masking”
Protects delicate details from heat
Reduces distortion from excess heat
Water-based formula, just rinses away

Certified chemistry
Reduces sink in heat affected zone
Insulates against arcing
Transfers heat - not current
Prevents discoloration
Easy to apply

c.b.n.ll is highly thermally conductive and therefore can efficiently transfer heat away from a delicate area to a thicker section that can safely absorb the excess thermal energy.

 It is not electrically conductive which makes it an excellent mask for containing the weld metal and provides protection from arcing on sidewalls, edges and fine details. This characteristic also makes c.b.n. ll an effective coating for insulating electrodes.
4 Oz. Bottle with Applicators
Approximate coverage 1440 sq. in.
Application information included with both kits