Programs will be “tailored to fit” the customers’ requirements for weld training and mold maintenance.  Because all the training programs are structured and priced based on the needs of the customer, pre-enrollment questionnaires for both students and department managers must be completed so that we may develop a profile targeting your company’s requirements and expectations

There are three levels of instruction: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

The basic course is our core program which involves all of the essential elements of successful micro-tig welding for mold repair. Intermediate and advanced training is an extension of those core principals to levels that are consistent with the needs of the individual as they relate to the requirements of the company

 Intermediate and advanced levels will be developed through an evaluation process that expands to include interviews with participants and managers, a review of the participants’ current level of experience and samples of work, all to ensure that their expectations and goals for a successful mold maintenance program are satisfied

 Students will be awarded Nova Tech Certification for the levels of studies completed

 Participants in the Basic Course, only, may repeat it if necessary at no additional charge for the training. Cost of transportation, food and lodging, however, shall be the responsibility of the individual attending the program.

If your training requirements are such that they do not conform to the programs in place, please call to discuss your applications and we will develop a course that more closely fits your needs.