Microscope Cleaning

All microscopes require occasional cleaning. Nova Tech takes the worry out of cleaning this precision instrument. If you are experiencing an image that is not clear, appears cloudy or is tinted yellow, or if you have mechanical problems, Nova Tech can provide you with fast, expert service with no down time.

Follow these fast and easy steps:

  1. Call for a cleaning appointment.
  2. Well immediately send you a free loaner microscope to prevent down time. (If you'd like to try a specific model microscope while yours is being cleaned, we can, based on availability, send you a demo.)
  3. Along with your loaner, we'll send you all the packaging and labeling necessary to ship your 'scope easily and safely.
  4. When we receive your microscope we will:
    a) Disassemble it and inspect for worn or damaged parts.
    b) Clean the body, inside and out.
    c) Clean and lubricate any moving internal part such as gears, bushings and shafts, etc.
    d) Clean and inspect all glass, lenses and prisms.
    e) Reassemble, test and re-inspect entire microscope.
    f) Return to you within 1-2 weeks. When you receive your cleaned scope, inspect it and then return your loaner in good condition to Nova Tech, Inc.

Prices include shipment of loaner. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping.