Tungsten Electrode Pointing

The tungsten welding electrode, the source of the welding arc, is a crucial factor in precision microwelding. To maintain high quality and consistancy among welds it is essential that electrode tip geometry and surface condition be maintained to exacting standards. In addition to offereing the highest quality new electrodes, Nova Tech can extend the life of your existing electrodes through our precision re-pointing service. Electrodes are sharpened to a .001 point. By keeping the tungsten cool during grinding and by offering an excellent finish, low amperage arc starting is achievable even with 1/16 diameter electrodes.

Nova Tech re-pointing services can assure you that:

  • All Points Are Identical
  • No Hazardous Grinding for You
  • Predictable Low Amperage Starts
  • Always A New Point Ready-To-Go
  • Send Back For Repointing