Nova Tech, Inc. Company Profile

The history of Nova Tech calls to mind the outlines of the "Classic American Entrepreneurial Success Story" :  individuals, possessed of drive and imagination armed with an idea that fulfills a need in the marketplace, start a business to realize their dreams. In the case of Nova Tech, those individuals are Ralph Ciaramello and Ron Godin.

In the late 1980's Ralph and Ron saw the opportunities inherent in the newly emerging microwelding industry. Microwelding is a highly specialized welding process by which metals are re-formed or joined together using a low amperage power supply, a miniature electrode pointing system, small diameter welding wire and a customized microwelding microscope. The chief technical advantages of microwelding include low heat production and precision placement of weld material. One of the leading applications of microwelding is in tool, die and mold repair.

In November of 1987 Ron and Ralph launched their enterprise in a 300 square foot unfinished garage loft in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. No electricity, no heat, and no customers. November in New England is cold indeed! Over the course of the winter, Ron and Ralph went about building a business piece by piece starting with the 2 X 4's. Springtime found them up and running and they were encouraged by their progress and early success in establishing a small, but consistent customer base.

 At that time their leading product was the unique small diameter tool steel welding wire needed by microwelders. Until Nova Tech arrived on the scene, it was common practice for microwelders to hand grind larger diameter welding rod, typically .035' diameter, to smaller diameters of .020' or less. The smaller diameters are more consistent with the smaller welding bead necessary for precision repairs.

With feedback from their clientele, Ron and Ralph expanded their product line to include additional equipment and consumables needed by the new but growing industry. Not content with being just suppliers of goods, the entrepreneurs envisioned their company as a total solutions provider to the microwelding industry. Through extensive research and relationships built in the welding community and associated fields of science and technology, the men proceeded to develop a comprehensive microwelding system that would provide operators with state-of-the-art technology represented by the highest quality products produced and adapted to meet the stringent requirements of precision welding.

By 1992 microwelding had hit the mainstream and with it, Nova Tech's Comprehensive Microwelding System Solution. The word spread and the resulting attention of industry media led to increased recognition of microwelding and Nova Tech's pioneering role in its development. The response was so positive that in October of 1993 Nova Tech, feeling the constraints of their start-up space, moved to their current 3000 square foot facility located in Smithfield, Rhode Island. At the time of this writing in April of 2005, Nova Tech employs a staff of five and is once again expanding its space to meet the demands that come with success.

With an eye to the future, Nova Tech President Ralph Ciaramello leads on the cutting edge of the art and science of microwelding conceptualizing new directions for Nova Tech in equipment, materials, training, organizing and promoting the microwelding industry.