Weldlogic PA 10-100

Weldlogic PA 10-100
  The Most Accurate Low Current Welding System on the Market Today

This unique state-of-the-art, dual range, 10 amp/100 amp, precision pulsed arc welding system is the result of years of research in low current arc starting and stability. The unit's unique "soft" DC arc start system prevents start pulse overmelts in the most delicate of welds. This gentle starting system also extends tungsten point life. Closed loop servo control of welding current and direct reading digital controls make this the easiest to use and most accurate micro-tig welding system on the market today. Millisecond square wave arc current pulsation produces a narrow arc for superior weld consistency and accuracy.

      • Dual range from 0.1-9.99 amperes and 1.0-99.9 amperes
      • Ultra-low current system can soft-start and weld at 0.1 ampere
      • Soft start greatly extends tungsten life
      • Extended pulsing from 0-2000 pulses per second
      • 100% solid-state closed loop servo control design
      • No arc wander, even with current as low as 0.1 amp
      • Portable, lightweight design
      • 110V, 220V 50/60 cycle operation
Micro/ High-Pulse 0.1-100 Amp Tig