ThermalRest High Temp Pads

Preheating is essential when welding on tool steels. Some procedures dictate temperatures above 800ºF. With the NEW NovaTech HIGH TEMPERATURE SILICA PADS, welders can protect themselves from the heat while still getting their hands in close. Three dimensional silica fabrics are the newest development in high temperature textiles. The unique three-dimensional weaving process yields thermal insulating properties that are necessary for protection against high temperatures. These materials are exceptionally strong with high resistance to abrasion, and are absolutely fireproof. Nova Tech’s ½” thick silica pads can be effectively used up to 1800ºF, offering the welder safety and comfort. The fibers of this silica material are a uniform 8 microns in diameter with no "shot" or unfiberized material to get into the air, making them non-respirable

Silica High Temperature Insulating Pads