Model Number: HP141925Q

Product Description:

• Easy-to-read digital display indicates temperature settings, adjustable in 5°increments, from 5° up to 540°C (41° to 1004°F), depending on model.
• Microprocessor-controlled feedback technology maintains consistent, repeatable temperature settings. Ideal for labs that perform repetitive procedures.
• Hot surface alert safety systems protect from accidental burns. Bright red warning lights signal when heating surface is above 50°C (122°F). Unit display flashes "HOT" - "OFF" when heating is turned off, until heating surface is below a cool 50°C.
• Flat top and high-wattage heating elements combine to provide superior heating transfer and fast time-to-boil.
• Three sizes offer flexibility from microscale chemistries to larger vessels.
• Integral ring-stand holder accommodates 0.5" (1.3 cm) diameter support rod.
• Rugged low-profile cast aluminum body provides stability and durability.
• Accommodates sample weights to 35 lb. (15.9 kg) on the 10" x 10" models, 25 lb. (11.3 kg) on 7" x 7" models and 15 lb. (6.8 kg) on 4" x 4" models.
• All models supplied with detachable cord.
• Rugged aluminum surface provides uniform heat distribution and added durability to sustain point impacts that might break ceramic or glass surfaces.

Amps    5.5
Description    Hot Plate, 7" x 7" Aluminum Top 
Hertz 50/60
Operating Temperature Range C 5°-300°C
Operating Temperature Range F 41°-572°F
Overall Dimensions D 13 (33cm)
Overall Dimensions H 3.8 (9.7 cm)
Overall Dimensions W 8.2 (20.8 cm)
Product Line Thermolyne
Volts 120


Aluminum Top Digital Hot Plates