Systems For Micro-welding

Microwelding Systems Extend Mold Life, Cut Rework Time
June 23, 2005

A full line of microscope-based welding systems that let users see exactly where a weld puddle is applied for repairing molds and dies, with minimal heat, has been introduced by Nova Tech Inc., Smithfield Rhode Island.

Nova Tech Microwelding Systems let users produce a weld with less than .0005" of sink in the heat affected zone (HAZ), resulting in welds that last longer and require less rework than conventional TIG welds. Ideal for repairing molds, tools, and dies in-house, users can easily get into tight areas and the weld occurs at a lower temperature which prevents the metallurgical damage caused by the intense heat of conventional welding.

Featuring a microscope and lighting for the magnification needed to maintain the very small arc necessary in low-amperage miniature TIG welding, Nova Tech Microwelding Systems include a power supply, hot plates, microblasters, and all of the tools for pre- and post-welding operations. Easy on the operator who is seated at a bench, without a heavy helmet or gloves, these systems substantially cut tool-replacement costs, claims the firm.

Nova Tech Microwelding Systems are priced from $4,000.00 to $40,000.00, depending upon configuration. Literature is available upon request.

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Nova Tech Inc. Ralph Ciaramello, Marketing Director
345 Farnum Pike Smithfield, RI 02917-1205
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