Handbook of Mold Tool and Die Repair Welding

This book is an extremely practical and down-to-earth guide to repair of molds, tools, and dies.It offers time and ;money saving advice for companies wishing to become self-sufficient in in- house tool repair work, from buying the most suitable equipment and materials to using them effectively. It offers basic TIG welding exercises for beginners, and step-by-step advice on essential welding techniques.
The text reflects a strong enthusiasm for the task in hand from an author who has many 'tricks of the trade' to share and his own hand-drawn illustrations give the book a unique appeal. Chapters include:

  • Writing a weld procedure
  • Identification of materials
  • Choosing a filler wire
  • Heat control
  • Welding techniques
  • Equipment
  • Basic TIG welding
  • Appendices cover other steels and tool steels, and various measurements and conversions of interest to welders and machinists.

Steve Thompson is a welder with many years of practical experience in specialized welding. His experience ranges from exotic petrochemical pipework, through cast irons, aluminum, steels and coppers to fine tool repair work.