Welding Wire Clean and Copper-Free

Welding Wire Clean and Copper-Free
June 3, 2004


A full line of superclean welding wire that is chemically certified and copper-free to match vitually any tool, die, and mold repair requirement is being introduced by NovaTech, Inc. of Smithfield, Rhode Island.
 NovaTech Welding wire is available with 60 different filler materials that are chemically certified, copper-free, and conform to AISI and AWS specifications for chemical composition.  Developed to match virtually any tool, tool die and mold repair requirement, thhis welding wire is offered in 7 micro sizes from .003" to .025" diameters and large diameters from 0.030" to 5/32".
Providing technical support for selecting the optimum filler material, NovaTech manufactures welding wire in 11 different AISI tool steels, and a wide variety of austenetic and martensitic stainless steels, carbon steels, chrome-moly, manganese-moly, chrome-vanadium, titanium, aluminum, silver brazing alloys, and nickel, cobalt and copper based alloys.
NovaTech Welding Wire is priced according to size, material and quantity; with certificates of material composition offered.  Literature and samples are available on request.
For more information contact:
NovaTech, Inc
Ralph Ciaramello, Marketing Director
345 Farnum Pike
Smithfield, RI  02917-1205
(800) 442-6682      Fax   (401) 233-0098
e-mail:    sales@novatechinc.com
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